Monday, May 20, 2024
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On going

  • “Impact assessment of heavy input of agrochemicals on soil fertility of spice fields and its management through microbial supplementation” – Principal Investigator: Dr. Radhakrishnan E.K


  • “Sustainable medicinal plant cultivation through organic homestead farming in Koorachund Grama Panchayat, Kozhikkode” – Principal Investigator: Dr. Sandhya R.S
  • “Kerala karshika rithiyum samskaravum: sahithyam, nadan kala, cinema, thudangiyavayil cheluthiya swadheenathinte rashtriyam- Padanavum documentariyum” – Principal Investigator: Dr. Jose K Manuel
  • “Sustainable Organic Agriculture for the Empowerment of Farmers” – Principal Investigator: Dr. Santhosh P Thampi
  • “Kaiviral thumbil kannullavar”- Documentary film on traditional fishing practices in Kerala – Principal Investigator: Smt. Manjusha K.A
  • “Nanofertilizers, nanopesticides and bionanoformulations for the enhancement of agricultural productivity” – Principal Investigator: Dr. Radhakrishnan E.K


  • “Screening for potential endophytic microorganisms from Piper colubrinum and Zingiber zerumbet for organic agriculture” – Principal Investigator: Dr. Radhakrishnan E.K


  • “Biodegradable and biocompatible nanostructured edible coatings for fresh vegetables and fruits” – Principal Investigator: Dr. Nandakumar Kalarikkal
  • “Indigenous Organic Farming Project (IOFP)- An Organic Farming project for supporting Tribal Farmers” – Principal Investigator: Smt. Manjusha K.A


  • “Documenting Agrarian Life Expressions: Myths, Oral traditions, Literature, legends and Agrarian Rituals” – Principal Investigator: Dr. M V Bijulal
  • “Application of Biochar as a value added soil amendment for yield optimization and soil fertility enhancement towards sustainable organic farming” – Principal Investigator: Dr. A. P. Thomas

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